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Building Maintenance Plan 2010 - 12

Waikato Hospital: Hamilton

Value: c$6m

Client: Waikato District Health Board

The Project

Perficio were appointed to manage and direct the WDHB's Building Maintenance Plan for 2010 - 2012.  The scope includes key projects ranging from new/remedial work to patient areas, building services & infrastructure upgrades, new roofs, internal and external building refurbishments.  The total number of individual projects are 40+.  

The key drivers for the successful delivery of these projects are full budget spend and completion of each project by the end of the financial year.  Perficio has provided a project management structure enabling projects to be programmed, budgeted and co-ordinated.  Keeping the projects flowing with multiple stakeholders and whilst the hospital needs to continually operate is a major challenge.

Solutions and Outcomes

Perficio apply project management '101' that is the 'basics' and build from there.  This involves briefing, planning/programming, scoping, budgeting, delivery and most importantly communication! 

By recording tasks and looking ahead at costs, we ensure we know the status of each of project at any given time and where it will ultimately end up.  This forward planning helps us meet the DHB's objectives.